First a few thoughts on ‘A Quiet Place’. John Krasinsky’s excuse for a alien-targets-family is a ET force that can only hunt by sound. The first 20-30 minutes of the film has barely any sound (dialogues or effects), only the sparingly invoked music. It got so quiet in the theater, I had to stop digging into my popcorn. It is an experience that few horror movies offer.

The rest of the movie could have appealed more to a person who may not have had to watch it with his daughter every other night for almost 6 months. For said person, it seemed like there was many helpings for ‘Signs’. If you ignore me, ‘A Quiet Place’ is scary and well made.

Here’s where the bias kicks-in. I’m a huge fan of Night M Shyamalan’s films and I always thought critics judged him harshly, mostly on account of his personal weirdness. Not fair, in my opinion.

Then, there were these critics who called ‘Signs’ out as “pretentious”, “cliched” and “predictable:”. That’s all fine until I see ‘A Quiet Place’ get a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes and in my opinion (again) ‘A Quiet Place’ isn’t the masterpiece they make it out to be.

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