Chef Carl Casper cooks his heart out, but suffocates from being boxed into the four corners of his fancy restaurant’s menu. So, when a mean food blog rips through his musty course, he checks out.

Of course, that is a metaphor for Director/Actor Jon Favreau recoiling against the big studio movies he’s made (Iron Man & Iron Man 2) and the scathing attacks they’ve attracted. The man gets back with a punch and mounts a minor rebellion against the system.

Chef is indie enough to be a writer’s outing, but goes for ritzy with the cast it can pull. A great watch, by the way, if you love watching food porn.

The real thought here is why do Tamil directors shy away from making such films. I remember Shankar (he’s the closest parallel to Jon Favreau I could come up with) saying he would love to make a small film, if only he could bring himself around to doing one.

What really holds back our mainstream/big-budget darlings from doing a straight indie-ish film?

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