Had it been a lesser hit, I may have forgotten about ‘Imaikkaa Nodigal’. Unfortunately, it is the latest in a string of so-called intelligent thrillers that use smart editing and visual effects to mask trickery and unimaginative writing. These films set us up for a grand puzzle, only to pull the rug from under with a மூடு மந்திரம் sleight of hands.

I get it – this is entertainment, but you’ve got to stop mixing circus stunts with rabbit-in-a-hat tricks. Imaikkaa Nodigal comes up with a brilliant twist towards the climax. A twist you will not see coming – not because it is built on intelligence, but on a fraud.

There’s a right way to earn twists – you plant clues while you distract your listeners and then you hit them from their blind-spot. With the right kind of twist you go back in the story to feel how foolish you’d been.

Or, instead of cleverly hiding your clues, you just don’t plant them in the first place. You offer an under-the-belly jab to the audience and leave them speechless. Imaikkaa Nodigal, either through laziness, lack of writing talent or using brazen deceit comes with an unearned/undeserving “good finish”.

***Possible Spoiler Start***
Imagine you were s killer hiding in plain sight and someone did something to hint they know best kept secret, would you:

A. Go about your life/work like nothing’s changed
B. Sweat the heck out and set out to nip the source of your trouble.
***Possible Spoiler End***

If not for Anurag Kashyap, I would have walked out right after the hackneyed intermission block. Anurag  helps keep float a movie that’s insipidly written, rigged to mock our common sense and has no concern or control over logic (space/time) or reasoning.

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