Suhasini (here) displays a lack of understanding that opinions (especially about movies) have moved away from the pens of the haves to the keypads of the have nots. The democracy of the Internet can be brutal, unforgiving and (at times) unfair, but this is the true voice of fans. This is how you read the pulse of the people who give you a purpose to make movies in the first place.

A case of a honest thought finding the wrong expression – perhaps. Coming out a person credited with shaping the sensibilities of profound conversations (dialogues) in many Mani Ratnam films, we could do better with the articulation.

Suhasini joins a chorus of film insiders who question the very notion of grass-root “critics”. Radha Ravi dealt with criticism of Lingaa in his own style. Then, it was Mysskin raging against negative reviews.

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