Watching Kalyana Samayal Saadham, you don’t wonder how a first-time director (E S Prasanna) gets it all right, but how a million things could have gone wrong with it, in the wrong hands. Add to that the challenge of making it not feel like a ‘Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanum’ From keeping a simple story simple to not over-playing certain touchy elements; from rebuking the established social norms around the circus called marriage to matching a cast to the right people.

What stands out with KSS is this nuanced treatment of a messy adult-ish subject and not falling for cheap shots, which present themselves at every turn and twist. KSS comes close to watching an intelligent Bhagyaraj script minus the crassness and vulgarity. One of those rare ‘mature’ movies filled with enjoyable double entendres you could be watching with your kids and they’d have no clue to it.

It has to be mentioned what a great casting choice the director has in Prasanna and Lekha Washington. Beyond how well the pair on screen, they fit perfectly in what is required of them as complex, yet very practical people. I’m not sure if Prasanna and Lekha were the first choice for these roles or if they were the only people willing to take these on; bravo to the decision, if it’s the former or thanks to the actors who turned it down, if the later applies.

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