Nayanthara has become this darling kid in the family that shall be celebrated for every antic she pulls. I say that with a tinge of disappointment ‘cause she could be a real solid lead to invest in. In the wrong hands, she hams through a part happily, satisfied everyone will pinch her cheek, hug her and lap her. To be fair, she does pull the movie together when she’s a distressed damsel, but haven’t we watched these staged in ‘Naanum Rowdythaan’!

Kolamavu Kokila belongs to Yogi Babu and two minor actors. It should have been rightly called Roadside Romeos (you could still have your hash-taggable RoRo). These guys are the only bright spots in an unoriginal content that borrows liberally (which is ok), but brings nothing of its own to the game (uncool).

I get it. This is a simple entertainer to cash in on the Nayanthara wave. The least we ask is to use the actresses’ form in a way that doesn’t insult the average fan.

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