Think you know your Rahman. We believe we can surprise you with a collection of A R Rahman songs/music that, we believe, are less heard in this corner of the world.
This is the first of a four part series on A R Rahman’s music.
International & Hollywood Albums
1.Film: The Hundred-Foot Journey (English)
Song: My Mind Is a Stranger Without You (French)
Singer: Solange Merdinian, A R Rahman
The Hundred Foot Journey Soundtrack – 'My Mind Is a Stranger Without You'

2.Film: Couples Retreat (English)
Song: Kuru Kuru Kan (Tamil)
Singer: A R Rahman
"KURU KURU" – A.R Rehman's Greatest Hit Romantic song from couples retreat (2009)

3.Film: Couples Retreat
Song: Na Na
Singers: A R Rahman, Blaaze, Vivian Chaix, A R Ameen, Clinton Cerejo & Dominique Cerejo
 A R Ameen, Rahman’s son, who shares his dad’s birthdate, joins in for Na Na, which was long-listed for Best Original Song for the Oscars in 2010. 
Couples Retreat Soundtrack [HQ] – 04 – Nana

4.Film: Warriors of Heaven and Earth
Song: Warriors of Heaven and Earth (Chinese version)
Singer: Jolin Tsai
AR Rahman – Warriors in Peace ft. Jolin Tsai | Warriors of Heaven and Earth Music Video

Song: Warriors of Heaven and Earth (Hindi version)
Singer: Sadhna Sargam
A.R. Rahman-Warriors in Peace (hindu version)

Song: Warriors of Heaven and Earth (English version)
Singer: Sunitha Sarathy
Warriors In Peace (A. R. Rahman) Lord of The Rings

5.Album: Bombay Dreams
Song: Closer than ever
Singers: Preeya Kalidas & Raza Jaffrey
Closer Than Ever-Painting By HaRDiK PaRMaR

6.Film: Yodha
Song: Padakali
Singers: KJ Yesudas, MG Sreekumar
Padakali | Yodha Malayalam Movie Song _ Mohanlal, Jagathi Sreekumar

7.Film: Yodha
Song: Kune Kune
Singer: KJ Yesudas, Sujatha
Kunu Kune – Yodha

8.Film: Bose the Forgotten Hero
Song: Ghoomparani
Singers: Sapna Mukherjee, Satyanarayan Mishra
Ghoom Parani Bengali A R Rahman

9.Film: Bose the Forgotten Hero
Song: Ekla Chalo
Singers: Nachiketa Chakraborty, Sonu Nigam
Elka.From Bose The Forgotten Hero (2005)

10.Film: Komaram Puli
Song: Amma Thalle
Singers: Naresh Iyer & Swetha Mohan
AMMA THALLE song komaram puli video

 Kannadigas are yet to be lucky to hear Rahman’s tunes in their language. Muthu, Jodi and Godfather were remade in Kannada with their original tunes and one non-film album on Taj Mahal had a Kannada song. This column is for Kannadigas who love Rahman’s music.  
Non-Film: (This video/album was made with the sole purpose of promoting Taj Mahal. The album had 6 songs; Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi and Bengali. The Bengali and Malayalam versions were rendered by Naresh Iyer)
11.Album: Taj Anthem
Song: Ruthugalu bandu Hoguthidhe (Only song sung by A R Rahman in Kannada)
Singer: A R Rahman
YouTube A R Rahman Kannada Song Tajmahal Promo

12.Film: Sajni
Song: Ondu Sulladaru (Re-used from Tamil film Jodi)
Singer: Srinivas
A.R Rahman-Ondu Sulladaru

13.Film: Godfather
 Remade from Ajit Kumar’s Varalaaru, this sufi based song was sung by Naresh Iyer. The video is as grothesque as the original Tamil version. 
Song: Laali Laali Amma
Singer: Naresh Iyer
Laali Laali Amma | Godfather | Kannada Film Song

14.Album: Connections
Song: Mann Chandra
Singers: Sukhwinder Singh & Shradha Pandit
Mann Chandre {A.R Rahman Connections }

15.Film: Ada
(Album released in 2008, film yet to be released)
Song: Meherbaan
Singer: A R Rahman
A.R. Rahman – Meherbaan (Ada) High Quality

16.Film: Thakshak
Song: Khamosh Raat
Singer: Roopkumar Rathod
ThakShak: Khamosh Raat, Ajay Devgan & Tabu

17.Film: Tehzeeb
Song: Sabaq Aisa
Singer: Madhushree
Sabaq Aisa [Full Song] Tehzeeb

18.Album: Ladli
Song: Raunaq
Singer: Latha Mangeshkar
Lyrics: Kapil Sibal
A. R. Rahman, Kapil Sibal, Lata Mangeshkar – Laadli | Raunaq

19.Album: Connections
Song: Kural
Singers: Blaaze, Gomathi
kural connection ar rahman blaazee

20.Album: Coke Studio (Season 3)
Song: Naan Yaen
Singers: A.R Rahman, Rayhanah
Lyrics: Valee
Naan Yen – A.R Rahman, Rayhanah – Coke Studio @ MTV Season 3

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