It’s hard to venture outside the comfort of Tamil movies when you have too much action going on in Madras. There are certain films that make you question your stubbornness in testing waters beyond our boundary. Masaan (another worthy offering from the Anurag Kashyap school) breaks down that snobbery, with a somber meditation of “Life, death and everything in between”.

The expression ‘shades of love’ gets a rare treatment in the hands of writers who aren’t in any rush to please us. Love of the happy times has seen too much currency in Indian movies and is overexposed, to the point, the intimacy of being in love has been lost.

When Masaan favors throwing love under a (very) dark cloud, the silverlings that emerge give out a glow that reaches the core of your heart. Neeraj Ghaywan spawns (at least) four threads of relationships that squeeze almost every emotion that affection and fondness can lay on human shoulders.

You wouldn’t be half willing to travel the path that Masaan paves, if not for brilliantly written characters or a cast that dignifies that writing with the life they breathe into. Sanjay Mishra has nothing new to prove in a role written to showcase his maturity as an ever-evolving veteran. Vicky Kaushal and Shweta Tripathi colour an on-screen romance so direct and true, you cannot stop yourself from falling for their love.

If you have the patience and investment to stay on, Masaan pays back generously.

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