Miruthan labels itself the first Tamil zombie flick. It pays this horror genre back by coming up with the first zombie flick that overdoses on masala. There’s two ways to go about making a zombie apocalypse. You either save your brain from the attacking hordes and save it for the sake of the script or you make a movie after you lose it all to them. Miruthan has all the markings of the latter school.

The fundamental flaw with Miruthan is that it tries to wed horror with lazy action. A horror film should never have a major actor playing the lead role. We know exactly how it ends. Exception – OK, so you have a bankable hero for the sake of getting the film funded. How about making sure you write the script that holds him on tenterhooks, instead of letting him bulldoze through every challenge.

Because zombie films (by default) are granted the horror and shock elements liberally, they’re required to step-up with intelligence in staging action, effects or scale; if all that fails, at least humour.

Nothing is earned here. Action is casual, tension goes missing, there is no attempt at a setup (and, of course no payoff) for intrigue or nail-biters. Absolutely no hint of thought behind the execution. The song in the climax is the one bit that film any flash of coherence.

Miruthan gives you the same satisfaction as acing a favorite video game riding on the back of cheat codes.

If you must watch a well-attempted zombie (short) film that speaks tamil, go watch Uruvan (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSr8DXratP0)

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