The big point M Raja’s trying to make with Thani Oruvan is he can step out of the “remake” tag that bears heavily on his career. He thinks he has a film to make it on his own. He delivers a film that’s a good entertainer on the screen. It isn’t a movie that will hold much outside the theater.

Even when he’s subsisted on remakes, Raja had a knack for crafting movies that looked and felt superior to the source. He employs that talent to hack away a film that will seem to hold you to the edge of your seat. There’s nothing in Thani Oruvan that we haven’t seen before, but the concoction of tight narration, pretentious logic (passed off as smart writing) and rehashed zingers make it worth our while.

Where he would faithfully recreate entire films from proved hits, Thani Oruvan is an experiment in picking Tamil movie cliches from multiple sources and making them work. Raja scores OKish on the originality of his content, but knows well that he can cover that up with style and presentation. He does well.

All of that hacking would have failed if not for a larger-than-life character that’s tailored for Arvind Swamy. Having made a career of disappointing us with wrong choice of roles, Arvind Swamy has finally found one that scores for him and us. Playing a badass to the hilt, Swamy is what rescues Thani Oruvan from being an also-ran cat-and-mouse thriller.

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  • Sugantha

    Box Office hits need Out-of-the-Box Thinking

    As we all witnessed during the past 10 days or so, ‘Thani Oruvan’ got rave reviews and has been accepted by the film industry and audience as a benchmark movie. There is a transition happening in the Indian movie industry; that is driven by the audience. Today movie goers are well aware of the worldly events. The life-cycle of audience taste is short, meaning audience preference is undergoing change at a higher rate than ever before. The typical romance movie is no longer going to pull the audience. It had been already exploited by the uncountable number of movies in all the possible formats. So what is next? That is called ‘Thani Oruvan’ way! – A strong theme, embedded with authentic data & logic.

    How it all started? Way back in 2013, director Mr. Mohan Raja met with a group of consultants from Fhyzics Business Consultants Pvt. Ltd., specializes in business consulting and business analysis (An EEP of International Institute of Business Analysis, Canada and REP of International Requirements Engineering Board, Germany). By that time, Mr. Raja was thinking about the story for at least 3 years. The one question he asked the group of consultants was “I want to make the movie authentic and different, how you could contribute?” Also Fhyzics was looking for opportunities to explore the movie industry. Subsequently, Fhyzics team met the director few times and demonstrated how they can make it different. It clicked, and Fhyzics got its maiden movie project.

    The assignment given to Fhyzics team was data and logic research for the movie project. The team researched IPS training, minute-by-minute daily routines of IPS probationers and officers, costumes, usage of words & terminologies, technologies, background, analysis methods etc. The team also did intensive research on crimes both at national and international level from 1990 onwards to till-date. Organized the crimes under different heads and drawn the linkages. Prepared crime charts, time-to-time emotional graphs, hero vs. villain rise & fall maps etc. Even Fhyzics created a PPT that was presented to the producers by Mr. Raja to give them a holistic view of the movie. Massive amount of data and information were collected, organized in SharePoint (a Microsoft technology), then distilled and presented on weekly basis to the director for the entire duration of the movie making and it has been judiciously consumed in the movie without affecting the entertainment element of it. At Fhyzics, we profoundly thank Mr. Raja for the opportunity and helping us in launching our services in the movie industry with this landmark movie, ‘Thani Oruvan’.

    Sugantha T BE,
    Research Analyst
    Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited, |

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