Huge expectations for Uttama Villain riding on Ghibhran’s shoulders. To say he has easily cleared those bars we had set for him, does not begin to explain how high I feel about the Uttama VIllain soundtrack. More than trying to sound different, you can feel the authentic vibes of every folk art form that Kamal’s tried to handle here. Of course, Ghibhran is equally comfortable with a folk+hip routine like ‘Loveae Loveaa’. Love that the soundtrack has only one Male lead singer – Kamal Haasan. Any protests about Kamal singing should wait for a listen of ‘Iraniyan Naadagam’ and ‘Mutharasan Kadhai’.

That apart, I have a question for people who criticise Kamal for bringing his atheism to his films and offending Tamil/Hindu sentiments. Do we, today, have another actor/director/writer (like, say Bala with Naan Kadavul), who spends time to revisit our traditions or literature (of which a tribute so handsome has been paid here), be it concerning Thamizh or Hinduism? Why does Kamal not get his due whenever he generously shines good light on our belief systems? அடிக்கும் கை ஏன் அணைப்பது இல்லை?

Soundtrack link here.

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